Phuket Dog Park

Dog Hotel, Training, Grooming

Hotel Price

Fan Room Air condition Room
S(1-9kg) M(10-26kg) L(27kg-) S(1-9kg) M(10-26kg) L(27kg-)
200B 300B 400B 400B 500B 600B

Included two times meal and four times playing a day


Transfer Service
Chalong Free
Rawai / Town / Kathu 300B / one way
Kata / Karon 400B / one way
Patong 500B / one way
Taran / Chantalay/ Laguna 600B / one way
Airport 700B / one way

Terms and Conditions for the use of Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel

*All dogs must have valid vaccinations – rabies, distemper, etc, before using the Dog Park, and the Dog Park reserves the right to cancel/terminate any dog owner that does not have a valid shot record for their pet. Should a pet be unwell, we also reserve the right to disallow the use of the Dog Park.

*If your pet is pregnant, we request that you do not use the Dog Park, in case of injury.

*All dogs should be checked for tick and flea infestation, we reserve the right to terminate the use of the Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel, should your pet suffer infestation. We reserve the right to charge the owner over and above our monthly extermination charge, should their pet be found to be a cause of infestation.

* Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel is not responsible for any injury, death or misadventure by natural phenomenon.

*Should a dog suffer injury or sickness whilst in the care of the Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel, we will have the dog treated at the Ao Chalong Veterinary Hospital, Chaofa Road West, Chalong. All costs to be paid by the pet owner.

* Should your dog overstay without prior notice from the owner, Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel reserves the right to place the dog at a Animal welfare organization for re-homing after a period of 14days after the due date for pickup.

*All room charges are to be paid in advance in full to Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel.
トレーニング コース案内





犬の性格は幼少期に形成されます。その幼少期に人間や犬に慣れさせ、飼い主以外の人間に優しく、他の犬とも上手に遊べるよう学びます。 また、1人でおちついて留守番できるよう、ケージに入ることも学びます。そうすることでペットホテルでの滞在や車での移動も楽になります。



体の特定の場所を触られて噛む。前触れなしに突然噛む。 えさやおもちゃを取られまいと威嚇、攻撃する。飼い主以外の人間に噛むなど、そのワンちゃんのケースによって噛まないよう指導します。



遊び  (1つお選びください)

攻撃矯正 (宿泊のみ)


お留守番トレーニング (出張のみ)


トイレトレーニング (出張のみ)


トレーニング料金 >>>
コース 期間 通い料金 滞在型料金
カウンセリング 30分 100B ---
ベーシック コース 1時間 x 36回 14500B 18000B19500B21000B
パピー コース (年齢6ヶ月以下) 1時間 x 24回 9600B 13000B15000B17000B
噛みつき矯正 1時間 x 14回 7600B 8900B9500B10000B
無駄吠え矯正 1時間 x 10回 5000B 5900B6300B6700B
リードを引っ張らずに歩く 1時間 x 8回 3000B 3700B4000B4300B
攻撃矯正 最低30日 - 25000B27200B28500B
遊び (メニューの中から1つお選びください) 1時間 x8回 1700B 2300B2500B2800B
トレーニング終了後のおさらい 1時間 300B ---

お留守番トレーニング 1時間 x 8回 4000B
トイレ トレーニング 1時間 x 8回 4000B

Training Price >>>
Course Term Attend Price Stay Price
All DogsS(1-9kg)M(10-26kg)L(27kg-)
Consultation 30min 100B ---
Basic course 1hour x 36times 14500B 18000B19500B21000B
Puppy course (under 6months old) 1hour x 24times 9600B 13000B15000B17000B
Biting 1hour x 14times 7600B 8900B9500B10000B
Excessive barking 1hour x 10times 5000B 5900B6300B6700B
Leash pulling 1hour x 8times 3000B 3700B4000B4300B
Red Zone Minimum 30days - 25000B27200B28500B
Play (choice one thing) 1hour x8times 1700B 2300B2500B2800B
Follow up after end of course 1hour 300B ---

Tutor at your house
Stay at home course 1hour x 8times 4000B
toilet course 1hour x 8times 4000B

Patong, Chantalay, Tran area : plus 500B
デイ ケア  (150B/1匹)



お預かり可能時間: 10:00~17:00の間

Day Care (9am-5pm) : 150B/Each dog

Your dog spends the day with his friends. Play, learn new skills and relax in the care of professional staff.
Phuket Dog Park Training Course

Basic Course

Basic discipline comprises of teaching your pet to sit and stay. The owner is responsible for practicing the moves with their dog at regular intervals,this will help to maintain a steady balance of discipline for your pet and avoid dangerous situations should they arise.

Content of study : Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walking on lesh

Puppy Course

A puppies charactor is formed at the infant stage. This course is to teach the puppy to play gently with humans and other dogs. Puppies are cute and adorable and can easily take over control of their family without the correct discipline. This course will teach the owners to take control and teach the puppy who is in command.The dog will be taught to enter its cage,travel by car and to remain at home alone,without fuss and commotion and separation anxiety.

Contact of study: To become accustomed to other dogs and humans, To become accustomed to the human touch, Understand his place in his cage, Eye contact to be maintained with your pet at all times. Training the dog not to jump at guests, Training your dog not to bite.


Dog biteing occurs in dogs that generally have no discipline. Each case is different, however, if your dog has suddenly developed a biting problem without provocation we guide the dog and owner though teaching and discipline.

Excessive barking

It is generally through stress and frustration that a dog will bark more than is necessary. We teach and guide the dog and owner how to combat this problem.

Stay at home training (At home tutoring only)

Your pet constantly barks when alone, and destroys your property is generally caused by frustration or excitement and the owner has difficulty controlling the situation. We teach the dog and owner how to overcome these situation.

Toilet Training (At home tutoring only)

We teach the dog correct toilet behavior and to not toilet in the house.

Red Zone (Stay program only)

We guide aggressive dogs that have communication problems with people and other dogs.

Play (choice one thing)
-Shake a hand
-Walk by two legs
-Shoot and die
-Fetch and retrieve a ball


テーマ:わんことの生活 - ジャンル:ペット