Phuket Dog Park

Dog Hotel, Training, Grooming


ファン ルーム エアコン ルーム
小型犬(1-9kg) 中型犬(10-26kg) 大型犬(27kg-) 小型犬(1-9kg) 中型犬(10-26kg) 大型犬(27kg-)
200B 300B 400B 400B 500B 600B


ゲージに入ったことがない、または分離不安などで一日中吠え続けるワンちゃんはお預かりできませんので、宿泊前に予め デイケア サービスにて慣らすことをお勧めします。


チャロン 無料
ラワイ / タウン / カトゥ 300B / 片道
カタ / カロン 400B / 片道
パトン 500B / 片道
タラン / チャンタレー/ ラグーナ 600B / 片道
空港 700B / 片道






―お預かり中に怪我、病気が発生した場合は、直ちにお客様に連絡し、動物病院へ連れて行くかどうか支持を仰ぎます。又、連絡の取れない場合は、当店の判断で指定動物病院(アオチャロン アニマルホスピタル) で治療をしますが、いずれも費用は、全額お客様にお支払いいただきます。又、万一ワンちゃんが死亡した場合においても当店はその責任を一切負いかねます。


Hotel Price

Fan Room Air condition Room
S(1-9kg) M(10-26kg) L(27kg-) S(1-9kg) M(10-26kg) L(27kg-)
200B 300B 400B 400B 500B 600B

Included two times meal and four times playing a day


Transfer Service
Chalong Free
Rawai / Town / Kathu 300B / one way
Kata / Karon 400B / one way
Patong 500B / one way
Taran / Chantalay/ Laguna 600B / one way
Airport 700B / one way

Terms and Conditions for the use of Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel

*All dogs must have valid vaccinations – rabies, distemper, etc, before using the Dog Park, and the Dog Park reserves the right to cancel/terminate any dog owner that does not have a valid shot record for their pet. Should a pet be unwell, we also reserve the right to disallow the use of the Dog Park.

*If your pet is pregnant, we request that you do not use the Dog Park, in case of injury.

*All dogs should be checked for tick and flea infestation, we reserve the right to terminate the use of the Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel, should your pet suffer infestation. We reserve the right to charge the owner over and above our monthly extermination charge, should their pet be found to be a cause of infestation.

* Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel is not responsible for any injury, death or misadventure by natural phenomenon.

*Should a dog suffer injury or sickness whilst in the care of the Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel, we will have the dog treated at the Ao Chalong Veterinary Hospital, Chaofa Road West, Chalong. All costs to be paid by the pet owner.

* Should your dog overstay without prior notice from the owner, Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel reserves the right to place the dog at a Animal welfare organization for re-homing after a period of 14days after the due date for pickup.

*All room charges are to be paid in advance in full to Phuket Dog Park and Dog Hotel.